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Making Retail Packaging Work – on Every Level

Successful retail packaging must incorporate several elements. It must fulfill its main purpose of protecting the product, it has to be able to be put on a shelf or hook for display, and of course, it needs to appeal to shoppers. If it fails at either its practical duties or its psychological ones, you end up with unsold product.

The main requirements for product protection in Blanco, TX, depend mostly on the product itself. If the item is durable and can't spoil, a basic box will usually be enough in this regard. However, if it's something that has to be refrigerated or that could break, you'll need retail packaging that is more specialized. Displaying the product needs to be easy for retailers, too. Make sure all packages have flat bottoms or shelf hook holes so they can be displayed with the advertising facing the customer. Finally, be sure to use bright colors and non-generic fonts to catch the customers' attention.