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Creating Effective Product Displays

In-store product displays can be some of the most effective tools for impulse sales, but only if they're done properly. If all of the emphasis goes onto one aspect of the display, such as its graphics, it can fail in other ways. Therefore, it is important to make sure you have all of the bases covered when you have such displays produced.

The first requirement is often the easiest to overlook: the display must be physically stable. Without that, a simple bump can send all of the products in it tumbling to the floor – and the customer fleeing into the next aisle. Customers who have encountered this problem soon learn to stay away from anything that looks too flimsy, and this costs sales.

Finally, it needs to be eye-catching and attractive. Be sure to put graphics all over the unit. Many stores put product displays in aisles where the backs show, so don't forget this part!