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Essential Elements of Display Design

Effective display design is heavily dependent on things like where the display will be going, what types of products it will hold, and which demographic is to be targeted. The intended location of the display is important because this determines how many people are expected to be walking by (and possibly, bumping into) it during its lifespan. More sturdiness is needed where more foot traffic is anticipated.

Product type is another big factor. Some items are very thin, and this makes it easy for them to be tipped out of a standard cubbyhole-style display. For these, a display with product hooks, cubbies with sharper slants to their floors, and other adjustments help to avoid accidents.

Finally, the intended demographic determines which graphics will work best. Bright, visually-busy designs are more appealing to children, while calming flowers might better attract health-conscious women. Change your graphical display design to match what is likely to be appealing to your intended customers.